Mellow Review: Blue Dream Sativa

Blue Dream

Strain Type: Sativa-dominant 60/40

This strain is one of the most enjoyable reviews I have done to date. Before I could even get a nug out of the bag and onto the table, a bright, fruity odour hit my senses. The scent is beyond pleasant; it should be a room freshener choice. The aroma is rich, without the pine or citrus that tend to dominate the stronger cannabis smells. Fresh meadow, green grass and fruit orchard hints combine beautifully, making this one of the very best smelling strains I have ever experienced.

The nug broke down nicely into the perfect size for a bowl or joint, but texture really took a backseat in focus to the even richer aroma released by the hand grinder. The blueberry scent was now more present and up front. At this point, I was eager to try it.

Disappointment was no where to be found. The first taste delivered what I was expecting and more. The blueberry taste was subtle, combined with an overall fruity note and sweet melon. Smoking features a very low cough trigger and inhaling the rich, smooth, aromatic cloud is an enjoyable experience in and of itself. This strain is a real treat for those who enjoy a more tactile approach and wish to savour each aspect of the experience from start to finish as a connoisseur of fine wines might.

The initial high comes on fairly strong from just one good hit and is very cerebral. If being active and busy is on your agenda, that one good hit may be where you might want to hold for a while. As my initial puffs were taking effect, very uplifting is the best way I can describe the high. Mentally, it was quite energizing and it led to me getting a bunch of stuff done, which my wife always loves. If you are on a schedule of any kind, be mindful of how this strain may affect your sense of time. Once I was up and busy, two hours went by without me even noticing. Had I not stopped to work on the foundation of this review, two more hours would have passed in a haze of productivity.

Even after two busy hours, the high was still almost as strong as at the onset with no come-down crash becoming apparent.  It was more out of curiosity than anything that had me reach for and finish the rest of the doobie.  It was about finished when an old classic rock favorite hit the speakers. The next thing I knew, my trusty, old, acoustic guitar was in my arms and I spent the next couple of hours banging away in some delayed, mid-life crisis delight on an imaginary stage for “Everyone’s Got Talent”.

I rate this strain highly, but suggest it is for daytime use only. Trying to sleep under its full effects would be pointless. It would be a good choice for daytime pain relief, enhancing appetite and general motivation.

Cough index:  0.7 of 5

Taste: 4.3 of 5

Effect: 4.5 of 5

Overall: 8.8 of 10

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