Potential Relief for IBS Sufferers with CBD

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a major issue for a growing segment of society. When the pain hits, the experience can range from discomfort to complete debilitation. If you suffer from IBS, you know well just how bad it can be.

I’m fascinated by the potential of using cannabis products for both pain management and healing. A recent article over at Puff Puff Post discussed the potential of CBD-infused chewing gum being used in a trial to treat IBS. The initial data suggests that CBD could be quite effective in helping sufferers manage their condition.

I think chewing gum has good potential as a delivery mechanism. Chewing releases pre-digestion enzymes that make for good bioavailability of the CBD. Additionally, chewing gum offers a slower, sustained release of CBD into the system. Instead of getting a large payload, as happens with capsule supplements, the dosage is trickled into the system over time. Slow release enables fine control over the dosage.

It will be very interesting to see the final results after all the trials are completed, but this interested bystander expects that there will be a lot of good news forthcoming. IBS sufferers may want to give CBD products a serious consideration in helping to manage their symptoms. Focus on products that are unlikely to trigger a flare-up. For example, if you have issues with wheat, CBD cookies may not be a good delivery mechanism for you, but CBD-infused butter might very well be. Experiment and find what works best for you.

CBD Gummies
CBD Gummies deliver anti-inflammatory properties without the high.

Do note that high CBD dosages may affect the intensity and duration of any THC you are likewise ingesting. As such, take care when exploring new combinations of products. It’s a good idea to¬†sneak up on your target dosage rather than to just plough head-long into it. That’s especially the case when we’re dealing with a delicate bowel.

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