Welcome and Congratulations on Finding MellowMeds

Welcome and congratulations on finding MellowMeds! Life only gets better from here.

I have been pondering what the 1st blog post should include. My nature is to get right to the point and blow past the fluff. So, let’s go with that.

MellowMeds is about Health, Healing, Herb; being healthy, continued healing in all its forms and the many benefits of herb. We will be providing ongoing original articles and podcasts on topics related to all aspects of herb and herb life. Our goal is to you help you find the best answers to your questions and to empower you with the knowledge to make the best choices for you.

Wow, that sure is straight to the point. But in terms of an entire blog post? Weak sauce.

So, let’s fill in some gaps.

At my age — more than 5 decades — and through being an avid believer in the health benefits of cannabis from an early age, I have learned some things. Well, a lot of things.

I grew my 1st cannabis plant at 14 years old in the window sill of my bedroom. The seed came from who knows where. It germinated and, before long, there was a nice, 8-inch plant looking like it wanted to get bushy.

Cool I thought I was. No-one else I knew had a pot plant in their room. Add to that the joy of thinking I had one over on my parents; they would never know what it was, right? The higher we elevate ourselves, however, the harder the crash.

My bubble burst one afternoon under the swift might of indifference. As I was about to head out of the house it happened, my mother says to me in perfect dead pan “if you don’t water the pot plant in your window, it is going to die”

Moms always know how to take the fun out of things don’t they? I lost interest in that particular plant and it soon withered and died.

My track record since then has been anything but withered. For the past 30 years I have grown many, many amazing crops. I have also helped many others learn the craft to facilitate providing themselves with the best medicine for their own needs.

As much as I’ve had an interest in herb, I’ve also been interested in technology,
specifically computers. For years, my income came from big, corporate IT department gigs, head tech and manager of private, end-user tech support companies. As the internet grew, I also immersed myself in various gaming communities. Over time as I acquired more skills, my helpful nature saw me increasingly involved at the higher levels of various communities, even completing an accredited online gaming community management course.

As much as I enjoyed technical pursuits, herb has always been my passion.

Our great nation adopting some sense of sanity has created a wonderful opportunity to combine the experience and information I have gathered over the last 30+ years. I’m looking forward to sharing it with a burgeoning herb community.

The truth is, there is a massive amount of cannabis information on the internet. Some posted with noble intent, some not so much. Filtering through what is legitimate and what is bunk will be a big part of what we do at MellowMeds. We’ll help you see through the smoke, so to speak.

Your questions are not only welcome, but are encouraged.

Over the coming days, look for new articles and blog posts, as well as information on the latest deals in our dispensary. Recommendations will be made based on the catalogue of products available at that time.

We are planning many surprises, special guests, giveaways and much, much more. So, come on in, relax. Let’s take a journey to health, healing and herb. Together.

Stay Mellow.

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