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Photo of empty glass jarA recent discussion on the impending legalization in Canada fostered an interesting thought as I looked over and saw my cigar humidor: “Bud storage is about to take a major philosophy shift“.

For many years the common approach was to simply keep your stash out of sight. To that end, storage containers had that primary goal in mind. Other considerations were only secondary.  Yet for cigars, the options for keeping them in a perfect state for consumption have been around a very long time and include fixtures that look wonderful in any furnished room.

So, how do we make the transition from false bottom pop cans and hidden compartments to visible and good looking storage solutions? The market has begun getting a sense of this coming need and has started to provide solutions. Not many, but some. I fully expect that some of the most interesting ideas will first come from individual creations.


Photo of cannabis humidor
A cannabis humidor available from Cannador

For a non concealed storage option, consider the wooden box humidor. They are available in different colors and sizes, so finding a match for your décor should not be a problem. Be sure to get one made specifically for weed use, as cigar humidors are made with Spanish cedar and those strong terpenes can affect weed flavour. There will be a need for non-concealed or furniture-style storage that does not fit the standard, cigar humidor image. Time will reveal just how that develops.

Concealed weed humidors come in a few different styles and shapes such as tool boxes or even a mini safe. Most humidors come with accessories such as a hygrometer to monitor humidity and some means of controlling humidity such as moisture absorbing materials that are specific to given moisture ranges. If a product you are considering does not have those essential features, you will need to purchase them separately.

Photo of marijuana stash box

If you have a nice homemade stash box that looks good and serves to keep your buds at the perfect humidity for smoking and preserving flavour, please email some photos of them to us and we will highlight the best ones.

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